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Ricky martin club

Ricky martin fan club
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Welcome to the ricky Martin livejournal. I notice there wasn't any Ricky martin community here in the livejournal so i basically created one.

Your here because you love Ricky martin, c'mon admit it <3 You can't get enough of that sexy latino guy! I have created a few rules, obey them or be banned, Your choice.

1. - Respect us ricky martin fan ok, not a fan than click on X

2. - No 'is he gay' comments. This only piss peoples off

3. - Large images or article please put behind a LJ cut

4. - I welcome multi launages but please for the peoples who doesn't understand it please say what launages it is so we can get out translator out ;)

5. - Well Duh!! have fun <3

Anna - emotionalanna