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Livin la vida wow! [Apr. 23rd, 2006|12:33 am]
Ricky martin fan club


I just came back from seeing Ricky Martin at the hammersmith apollo. Wow. Just simple bloody wow. He amazing - superb. Oh my god! i cannot begins to described how amazing it was. You had to be a real fan to understood his songs (not just his english one), i dragged richard to it, he said he knew about about 4-5 of the 20+ish songs he sang. Of course he sang his classic, she bang, la bomba and livin la vida loca (which had some kinda anime cartoon coming on). Songs from his new album 'life'.
We was up on the circle, near the back. Onced livin la vida loca came on everyone stood up and i couldn't see a thing but i did my little dancing and screaming thing. To be honest Ricky was a little dot.
Merchandising wasn't all that good, a t-shirt with 'i don't care'and little bits and pieces. I ended up buying a poster which i now will teased Richard for the next year.
I left after the show with a happy euphoria - i was like 'nooo, don't want it to end!!' I was just on a natural high!.

I don't care what the critic say about him, he is Hot! he has got and amazing stage presence about him.

I ♥ him.

Feel free to comment and ask me any question. I wished i took my camera with me - peoples was using there camera.
I take picture of my poster.

In one word: Superb.

[User Picture]From: lola336
2006-04-26 05:19 pm (UTC)
im gladu had fun!
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